Perception Lab Louise Delicato


Delicato, L. S., Finn, J., Morris, J., Smith, B. (2014) Increased sensitivity to happy compared with fearful faces in a temporal two-interval forced-choice paradigm. Perception 43(1),75 doi: 10.1177/03010066140430s10.

Delicato et al ECVP Poster 2014.pdf

Delicato, L. S. & Mason, R. (2015) Happiness is in the mouth of the beholder and fear in the eyes. Journal of Vision September 2015, Vol.15, 1378. doi:10.1167/15.12.1378.

Delicato & Mason VSS Poster 2015.pdf

Delicato, L. S. Routledge, J. & Williams, D (2015) Motion makes fearful expressions more detectable.  Perception 44(S1), 18 doi:10.1177/0301006615598674.

Delicato, Routledge & Williams ECVP Poster 2015.pdf

Wincenciak, J. & Delicato, L. S. (2015) Face-shape facilitates detection of fearful facial expressions. Perception 44(S1), 20 doi:10.1177/0301006615598674.

Wincenciak & Delicato ECVP Poster 2015.pdf

Delicato, L. S, Wincenciak, J., Burn, D. J. (2016). Evidence for a Face Inversion Effect in People with Parkinson’s. Perception 45(S2), 295 doi: 10.1177/0301006616671273

Delicato, Wincenciak & Burn ECVP Poster 2016.pdf